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INSIGHT Structures, Inc. is a structural engineering firm that provides design and construction administrative services for both residential and commercial projects. We are privately owned and based in Houston, Texas.

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We have experience in many areas of design here at INSIGHT Structures, from large-scale, high-end, custom, traditional and contemporary residential to "modest" traditional residential. We've had great success with commercial and residential additions and remodels, custom fabricated steel structures for oil fields, trade shows and art installations, high-end, high-profile residential projects as well as multi-family developments. Whether you need windstorm design, help with historical renovations, or commercial design, INSIGHT Structures has the experience and the know-how to meet your demands.

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The firm principles and their associates have extensive experience working with other design professionals, taking a project from initial design to completed construction while providing thoughtful solutions to every challenge. We have partnerships with Owners, Architects and Builders to make their structural visions come to life. 


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INSIGHT Structures provides attentive consultation, efficient structural designs, and quality construction drawings.  We utilize a variety of computer software programs to aid in the process of receiving client data and drawings, performing structural analysis, and clearly representing final designs in the form of construction documents. Our goals are to work closely with clients so that our designs compliment their visions and our deliverables are clear and easy to follow.

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INSIGHT Structures also provides construction administration services to ensure that what we design is built according to plan. Our employees have extensive experience working on construction sites. We value our relationships with contractors as much as we do with owners and architects. INSIGHT Structures will inspect the construction of all phases of our design work and produce official documentation attesting to the soundness of construction.



American Institute of Steel Construction, American Society of Civil Engineers, and American Wood Council



We continue to work with our clientele to ensure that architectural intent and economic demands are balanced to produce a viable project. We take pride in the quality of our design and know that the end product will equate to their satisfaction.



Bradley R Dougherty, PE

Principal Partner & Senior Engineer

Brad has been working with custom structures for over 19 years. As a Paul Harrawood Honors Scholar at Vanderbilt University,a merit-based full scholarship, Brad learned the importance of engineering fundamentals in the early part of his undergraduate development.

Jesusa U Dougherty

Principal & Managing Partner/Designer

Jes’s diverse background in the design and construction industry began in 1988, when she graduated cum laude from the University of Houston’s School of Architecture. She quickly joined a local design-build firm, where she gained first-hand experience and then later with a local structural engineering firm.

Wayne White

Senior Design Associate

Wayne earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Houston in 1991.  Since graduating, Wayne has focused his career largely on architectural structural design.  He has worked with a number of architects and architectural firms in Houston, Texas.

Emily Preston, PE

Associate Engineer

Emily graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor degree in Architectural Engineering.  During her first job as a Structural Engineer in Austin, she learned to put engineering fundamentals into practice, and realized the gratification that comes with designing for structural soundness in accordance with a pleasing aesthetic.

Sarah Staten

Engineer in Training

 Sarah is an Engineer in Training currently working toward obtaining her professional license by continuing to develop and learn about structural engineering. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a Masters in Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Engineering, Certificate of Historic Preservation, and a Building Performance Analysis Certificate. 

James Newman

Engineer in Training

 James discovered his passion for residential construction when he bought and rehabilitated his 80-year-old home where he currently lives.  In 2012, James graduated from The University of Texas with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. 

Selena Diaz

Office Administrator

Selena has always been fascinated with exploring house plans as inspiration for the home she intends to build one day. During her first semester in college, she took an Intro to Architecture course before earning a Bachelor in Communication at the University of Houston.

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Sandra O'Guynn


Sandra is a native Texan born and raised in the Galveston area. She attended the School of Business at Southwest Texas State University where she received her Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.



We maintain an active practice, engaging a diversity of unique projects at a variety of scales. Check here frequently to see what we are thinking, discussing, planning, and doing.

5331 Inker Street, Suite B, Houston, Texas 77007